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MFR Self Treatment Book
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Comprehensive Myofascial Self Treatment

In this ultimate resource, you will find:

  • Easy to understand explanations of fascia and fascial restrictions
  • Learn the myofascial stretching principles which are essential for achieving effective and long lasting pain relief
  • Be introduced to the Mind Body Connection and how it allows for deep healing with myofascial release
  • Be guided through simple activities to increase the connection, awareness and felt sense of your body
  • Learn the most common postural imbalances, how they contribute to restrictions, pain and limit functional ability.  And, most importantly, what you can do to correct them
  • Be shown the myofascial stretches and self treatment techniques you need  to treat the entire body and independently manage a wide variety of diagnoses and conditions
  • Be introduced to a number of highly effective self treatment tools which will allow you to access and release your own fascial restrictions, including the many uses of the small ball, gym ball, foam roller, nola rola, theracane/backknobber, occipivot, craniocradle, and sacrowedgy!
  • Comprehensive self treatment demonstrating all aspects of myofascial release:  myofascial stretching and self release, unwinding and self rebounding (or jiggling)
  • An abundant 100 pages of self empowering information and color photos demonstrating each stretch and self treatment technique
Price: $35.99
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