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If you are looking for a TOP PRACTITIONER-look no further! Rowena Cua is AMAZING! Being both a medical professional and a professional athlete, I am very selective with the practitioners that I go to for treatment. I absolutely love John Barnes MFR and have had such profound results from the work. It is the most comprehensive, effective and powerful work that I have experienced. I HIGHLY recommend Rowena Cua. She is such an inspiration to me as well as being loving, kind, compassionate and just an absolute pleasure to be around. Rowena also takes great pride in sharing the amazing work of MFR with other practitioners, clients and to others. She also is continually taking further MFR seminars as well as devotes time to assisting in the seminars. When I travel to Vegas, one mandatory stop is to Body Resonance to see Rowena for an authentic, healing and amazing treatment. Thank you so much Rowena for all you do! Keep on inspiring!  Warmest Regards,
Krissy Chin PT, MSPT

Krissy Chin, Owner, The Healing Studio, Inc.



I have two children who are polar opposites of each other. One is mellow, and the other is quite spirited. At the end of the day, one thing is for sure. MFR helps quiet their soul and unwind their minds. I've seen them go from uptight or high-strung to a much-needed calm within minutes just by a gentle rocking motion. This method is not just for adults, but for children as well.

Jocelyn F., Mother & Dental Hygienist


The subtle energy of Myofascial release was the only thing that gave me immediate relief with lasting effects. When you worked on my knee Rowena, the gentle touch initially felt soothing superficially and then after a few minutes I started to feel the fascia move underneath the skin. I could feel the restricted, bound area being stretched and released without pain. I was relieved and immediately after treating me I felt noticeably improved range of motion, loss of swelling and significant pain reduction in the local area. Additionally, below and above the injury the muscles felt much better. As a patient I believe in this work first hand and you have inspired me to practice this in my work as a therapist myself to help others find relief that works and lasts..thank you love!!!!!

Tina M., Licensed Massage Therapist


I had been hospitalized and diagnosed with pericarditis and pleurisy and after one year on medication and very limited activity, I was still in pain and felt like I could relapse at any given time. I had tried numerous therapies with no permanent relief and had researched MFR hoping to experience what others were saying it could do. I am from Canada and while I was traveling in Nevada I found an MFR therapist at Body Resonance Myofascial Wellness Center and booked several appointments for myself and my husband. I knew immediately after my first appointment this was exactly what I had been searching for. The issues were literally expelling from my tissues (and organs). After a series of testaments throughout the week, I was never the same again. I felt better than I had before my illness's. My husband's neck pain had also disappeared. Now here is the amazing part, because we were having these healing experiences, my daughter was planning to travel to Las Vegas to meet us with her 8 week old baby. He suffered from colic, digestive discomfort and was wearing his mother down as well as himself with no rest. We took him to Rowena at the clinic, and I had the divine experience and opportunity of being able to watch my Grandson unwind under the healing hands of this therapist. Right before my very (teary) eyes he transformed. Needless to say, he never looked back. He became the peaceful, healthy baby he was meant to be. Rowena showed us how to help him with  MFR at home and the rest of my daughter's trip was amazing.

Thank You Rowena!

Rayleen D'A., Kwan Yin Wellness, doTERRA Wellness Advocate


Myofascial Release, as taught by John F. Barnes, is the most amazing and effective healing modality for your entire "being." Rowena Cua is a gifted and intuitive expert therapist with years of training and experience. If you're tired of trying everything under the sun but finding no lasting relief, I invite you to go deeper and further than you ever imagined, and give myofascial release a try. It is the future of healing on the deepest, most profound level!! Love yourself enough to schedule an appointment today!

Lynn H., Licensed Massage Therapist, JFB MFR therapist


As an owner of a wellness facility for several years, I had the opportunity to experience many forms of energy and body work. Each in their own way are valuable and supportive of the Holistic approach to wellness. However, when I experienced Myofascial Release through Rowena and Rosemarie of Body Resonance Myofascial Wellness Center, I went on a multilevel journey of release and expansion. The hours following were the closest thing to the bliss I felt after my near death experience. It was powerful and I highly recommend the service and in particular these two highly competent practitioners who truly walk the walk.

Lee P., Speaker, Advisor, Author


I've been in a great amount of awe since my session with Rowena and Rosemarie!! I witnessed myself in a past event and the pain I was able to release has helped me to see my relationships with other significant family members very differently than before. I'm so grateful for this experience and definitely want my friends and reiki clients to experience it themselves!! These sisters are very skilled and talented!!

Jodi F., Reiki Master Owner Intentional Healings


A dancer has a high tolerance for pain and sometimes we allow that to go numb just to get through the movements. What I love about receiving MFR as a dancer is being able to move my body without the pain and restrictions I built up while training. The greater range of motion and effortless freedom to move has helped me to continue my training and enjoy a longer career with dance.

Richard H., - Dance Professor/Dancer


After finding a cancerous tumor in one of my legs, I was a runner left without the use of my left leg. It was both physically and emotionally devastating to lose the use of a limb. I was becoming increasingly frustrated with traditional physical therapy as a means for fixing a poorly functioning leg after surgery and months of not using it. The therapy I was enduring was painful and producing little to no results.   I thought there must be something else out there that might help more than the painful pushing and pulling that was occurring nearly daily at physical therapy. A family member referred me to Rowena. I was immediately impressed by Rowena's kind nature, warm spirit, and the tremendous amount of knowledge she was willing to share with me about fascia and myofascial release. Release very accurately describes what happens in a session with Rowena - it is a very gentle process. Over the past year, Rowena and I have worked together weekly to release scar tissue and trauma and restore the function to my leg. Her care and treatment have been vital to my recovery. I cannot recommend Rowena highly enough after the care she has provided to me over the past year.

C.O, Lawyer

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