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treatment sessions

A complete evaluation of your posture, tissue texture, flexibility, and strength will be performed by your therapist in order to address the specific fascial restrictions that are causing your pain and dysfunction.  

Memories can become locked within the fascial system from what is known as your body’s tissue memory, and can oftentimes manifest themselves in the physical pain that you feel. With the help of MFR, the physical and emotional content of any injury, literal or symbolic, may be addressed in a safe and gentle way and environment.  

MFR therapists provide sustained, gentle, pressure for a minimum three to five minutes, or as long as it takes for restrictions to release. This allows your fascia to elongate naturally and effectively in order for it to return to its normal resting length, thus restoring health and providing results that are measurable, functional, and long-lasting. MFR can never injure or harm you. Your experienced therapist will always listen to your body, your feedback and requests at all times.

Treatment Sessions

A standard treatment session is 60 minutes - 90 and 120 minute time slots are also available. Your Initial Evaluation is 90 minutes and includes actual treatment time. Two or more simultaneous co-treating therapists are a common, available option during treatments to produce more profound effects.  

Treatment Intensives are another option for daily sessions that involve multiple treatments per day. This can be arranged as a comprehensive treatment option that would aid heavily in your healing process.



What to Wear During Session 

Since MFR is a whole-body treatment, it will be necessary to be able to treat the entire body.

Please bring or wear loose shorts and a sports bra/tanktop or two piece swimsuit.
Please bring or wear loose shorts.
Please have them bring or wear loose shorts or two piece swimsuit.

*Please avoid putting lotions or oils prior to your appointment*

Please download these files, fill out the client intake form, and bring them with you on your appointment day.


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