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The birthing experience can be traumatic for both moms and babies. In utero, babies can be affected when mothers undergo trauma or stress, or when mothers are not entirely healthy. Birth is one of the first traumas that babies undergo. During the labor and delivery process, soft tissue injuries can occur, and can directly contribute to a baby's structural alignment and posture. When identified early and treated with myofascial release and cranial sacral therapy, many present and future ailments can be addressed and prevented. Delays in treating and addressing these issues can lead to longterm difficulties and may affect proper developmental growth and function. Restrictions and structural misalignments can also affect the way a baby latches and breastfeeds. It is, therefore, very important for babies to get treated by an experienced John Barnes trained Myofascial Release therapist. Our pediatric sessions include both hands-on treatment and education on how parents can effectively treat babies at home. 


Excessive crying, being highly irritable, and not sleeping or eating can be some signs that your baby is uncomfortable. Although not solely limited to these, here is a list of infant conditions commonly treated:


  •  Cranial misalignment (Plagiocephaly)
  • Digestive issues (Colic, GERD, Constipation)
  • Shoulder and hip dysplasia
  • Cervical and spinal restrictions (Tortocollis)
  • Tongue-tie (Anklyoglossia)

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